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Meet Alison

Registered Dietitian & Health Coach

I started studying nutrition because I thought there was a right way to eat.  What I learned and want to teach you is that there are no magic foods that give us all that our bodies need.  There is no prescription of eating that is right for everyone.  Fortunately, we are genetically different, with special talents, experiences, and histories.  We get to celebrate what it is to be human by being unique and finding OUR way to nourish and move our bodies.  I want to dispel the one size fits all philosophy on nutrition and help you find freedom with all food.  


After working as a scientist using my first degree in biology, I had to get out of the lab and find a career to interact with people. Studying nutrition was the logical answer as I had just helped myself navigate what to eat with celiac disease. I received my master’s in nutrition while researching vegetable intake among children in lower income homes.  My internship to become a registered dietitian grew my passion to help those with eating disorders.  After working with clients with eating disorders for five years, I knew I could do more with my career when I frequently heard my clients say they did not have people in their lives to model what eating with permission looks like.   I want everyone to know that we never have to rely on restrictions and rules in attempts to change how our bodies look.  All foods are nutritious and will fit into your plan toward health. 

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